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Travel Agencies

RideCar invites travel agencies to boost revenue with a stress-free partnership offering luxury, eco-friendly transport options and a high-end fleet. This model enhances client satisfaction and loyalty while elevating the agency's brand reputation through association with an award-winning chauffeur service, fostering increased credibility and client trust.


Drive Your Agency's Success with Luxury and Sustainability

RideCar offers travel agencies a lucrative partnership with eco-conscious, luxury transport services. Agencies benefit from a premium fleet, enhancing client loyalty and satisfaction, while bolstering their brand through collaboration with an award-winning service, strengthening their market credibility and trust.

Global Chauffeur Services for Travel Agencies
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Global Chauffeur Services for Travel Agencies

RideCar offers travel agencies a hassle-free partnership model, promising additional revenue streams and commission without the operational overheads. This arrangement is not only stress-free but also provides predictable income through a transparent commission model.

The vehicle fleet is designed to cater to various occasions, boasting modern amenities and luxury cars like the Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla Model X, complete with thoughtful touches such as umbrellas, refreshments, charging cables, and WiFi. RideCar emphasizes an Impact-conscious Electric Class, ensuring travel is not only comfortable but environmentally friendly.

Furthermore, partnering with an award-winning chauffeur service like RideCar can significantly boost a travel agency’s brand reputation. It elevates credibility, strengthens client trust, and promotes a superior client experience. Agencies looking to expand their offerings and enhance their prestige in the market would find such a partnership invaluable.

Unlock Global Reliability and Unmatched Flexibility with Our Travel Agency Perks:

Trust in our worldwide dependable services with immediate confirmations and superior quality for your clients. Take advantage of competitive, fair pricing for first-rate services, complemented by the freedom to cancel bookings without charge up to one hour before pick-up. Experience round-the-clock corporate support and effortless management through our custom booking portal, alongside real-time updates and auto-adjusting flight-tracking to ensure seamless travel arrangements.