Why Parents Should Trust On RideCar Limousine For Prom Limo Rental?

  Why Parents Should Trust On RideCar Limousine For Prom Limo Rental?

Prom season is coming soon. Prom takes a lot of preparation, so it’s always good to start and plan earlier not only for teens it’s also important for parents. Any prom night is perfect prom night as long as the child has some incredible time, and gets home safe.

Every teen is trying to get everything perfect for their prom night, For example they are trying to get the perfect outfit, Perfect partner, Perfect haircut, some unforgettable photos, get the perfect memory of the prom night.


Here Are Some Reason Why?

 1-Friend Circle

            Your child will be going to prom with a group of friends who can look out for them. Take advantage of this option like by meeting with all the parents of the limo group. Exchange contact information with them, you can be peace of mind for the whole prom night you will have access to other parents as concerned as you are.

 2- RideCar Limo Drivers

            Prom limo rentals service driver is most important if your child school does not require a chaperone to be present. When you book limo with RideCar Limousine we allow drivers to share contact information with parents upon request. When your child prom limo service arrived, before your child leaves have conversation with RideCar professional limo driver. Ask the driver to call you if your child appears to have been drinking, or if they feel uncomfortable with any location.

 3- Do Not Drink, Text and Drive!

            Now a day, texting, drinking, and driving is most common cause of accident. You may trust you’re teens not to drink and drive but driving for that special night is tough for an inexperienced driver. So many things are going in their mind especially if they’ve got a date in the private regular car they’re probably nervous, or eager to show off. If they’ve got a group travel, everyone’s probably happily excited, and loud. And are you sure they can resist a text from their friends in another car discussing so many things?

“Using any electronic device while driving is now illegal most of the states in USA”

The National Sleep Foundation states that young people are an at-risk demographic for sleep-related crashes. Beyond that, they also report that 42% of drivers become stressed when they know they’re driving drowsy.

Most of the time in teens if someone is drinking most of them starts drinking. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did find that 10% of high school students had driven after drinking in the past 30 days in 2013. And 22% share the ride with a driver who had been drinking alcohol. Much as we might hope otherwise, teenagers can show poor judgment on these issues.

 4- Solution for Prom Limo Rental?

   When you’re done worrying about them, you want your child to have an incredibly fun and special night. For a teenager, also it does not get much more exciting than having a professional licensed chauffeur arrive at your door step in proper uniform, for your first limo with your friends, and having your own private party on your way to the prom.

So if you know someone or your child is having a prom coming keep them update with useful tips and make your child prom more joyful, worry-free and of course safe.

 5- What RideCar Limousine Will Do For Your Prom?

   RideCar Limousine take safety seriously. Our drivers are fully trained, experienced and licensee. That’s it. That’s all we have to say on how to rent a limo for prom in Chicago. IL.

If you need any more help or have a question, send us an email, or give us a call. We are here to make your prom night special.

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